About Us

AIA MAX Removal is an Experienced, Reliable Professional Moving Company.

AIA Max Removal is your Worry Free Removalist in Sydney

AIA Max Removal is an Experienced, Reliable Professional Moving Company based in Sydney, NSW 2000.
AIA Max Removal team has been working in the removal area in Sydney areafor nearly 20 years. We have 5~10 tons trucks and professional equipment.
AIA Max Removal offers premium worry free removal service for best price at Sydney region, and our professional removalist team will do your moving job fast and on schedule.
Our clients are mostly repeat customer. All our moving jobs are performed with blanket to make sure your properties are fully protected. We also offer assembling and disassembling bed and furniture.
AIA Max Removal is confidence to tell you that after you choose AIA Max Removal, all the pressure and trouble for moving house can be moved. The AIA Max Removal team will give you a hassle Free Experience.


Your Move is Planned

We plan every single detail to ensure a smooth move for you. We know exactly what you want so we can give you a hassle-free move


Your Move is on Schedule

We will discuss with you to arrange the best time suite your schedule. Our removalist will arrive on time and do the job fast.


Your Worry is Removed

AIA Max Removal will take care of the hassle during removal, so you can get ready to settle into your new place.

The Safest Distance Between Two Points.